MilitarySuper Concessional Contribution Estimator
Select the financial year for your concessional contribution estimate.
Defaults to the first financial year available for selection. To choose a different financial year, select a valid value from the drop down list.
Have you reached your Maximum Benefit Limit (MBL), or will you reach your MBL in the financial year selected?
Select yes where you have reached, or will reach either your:
  • Pension Maximum Benefit Limit (PMBL), or
  • Lump Sum Maximum Benefit Limit (LMBL) and have/will elect to stop member contributions.
Enter the date you have, or expect to, reach your MBL. This date can be prior to, or during the financial year selected.
For the financial year selected, enter one or more military service periods where you were a member of the MSBS, and your estimated superannuation salary at the start date of each period:
Enter the start date of the period to which the superannuation salary applies.
Enter the end date of the period to which the superannuation salary applies.
Your superannuation salary for the period is the estimated total annual value of your:
  • salary for your rank and pay grade, plus
  • service allowance
  • non-reduction pay (NRP)
  • higher duties allowance (HDA)
Select this button to insert a new row to record a new period of service, or change in your superannuation salary and associated date range
Enter any additional values that are to count toward your total concessional contribution estimate for the selected financial year:
Enter any pre-tax contributions you have made, or plan to make, through a salary sacrifice arrangement to either the MSBS, or another eligible fund, in the financial year selected.
Enter your estimated total annual Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE) top up value for the financial year selected. Where payable, this quarterly contribution is reported on your payslip. Multiply the highest value last paid by 4 as a rough estimate.
Do not include contributions that do not count toward your concessional contribution cap, such as member, spouse, government co contributions, or low income contribution amounts.


The Concessional Contribution Estimator has been developed to assist you to manage your concessional contribution cap. This tool provides factual information based on data you have entered and is not guaranteed. This information is not intended to imply any recommendation or opinion about a product. There is a reasonable likelihood of doubt, and figures and assumptions are subject to change.

The information generated by the Concessional Contribution Estimator is an estimate only and has been created based on information entered by you, noting the general assumptions listed below.

In agreeing to use the estimator you understand that it is an estimate only and that any concessional contributions for the period in question will be reported to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Where the ATO determines that you have excess concessional contributions, they may require you to remove contributions from your superannuation.

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CSC is the Trustee of the Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme (MilitarySuper)

Getting help

Don'€™t make changes to your retirement savings arrangements based on information generated by the Estimator. You should consider the appropriateness of the estimate, having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs. Before you make changes to your financial arrangements you should get further information or advice. You may wish to consult a licensed financial advisor.

ASIC'€™s MoneySmart website ( contains general information about superannuation and retirement planning. The MoneySmart website contains a number of superannuation and retirement calculators which members can use to assist them in making further decisions about their superannuation and retirement. The MoneySmart retirement planner lets you personalise your retirement estimate, and shows how you can improve your retirement income.

We also encourage you to visit the MSBS website and access the MSBS iEstimator tool available via Member Services Online (MSO), to assist with your retirement planning.


Assumptions are current for the 2017-18 financial year and are subject to change. They may also be impacted by future changes to legislation.

The default concessional contribution cap assumption is $25,000 pa. This cap is applicable, regardless of age, from 1 July 2017.

You can change any of the assumptions (the default assumptions) that are applied by the calculator in working out the estimate.

In addition to the fields provided to estimate your MSBS defined benefit concessional contribution value, the following values should also be entered by you, to generate a total concessional cap value for the period:

  • Any Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE) Top Up contributions, either paid or payable
  • Any Salary Sacrifice contributions, either paid or payable to MilitarySuper or another fund
  • Any other employer contributions made to another scheme during the period being estimated*

*The estimate will not consider any other superannuation accounts that you may hold unless you specifically input this information into the calculator.


The estimator assumes that no leave without pay greater than 21 days, or that otherwise does not count as service, has been taken in the financial year being estimated.